THINK THEO started as a name of a podcast. I wanted to share the stories of grieving people like me. It quickly grew into a place of understanding — A place to read, listen, and understand that you are not alone. We are all grieving in different ways, but it is important to remember that My Grief is Not Like Yours.

Thelizabeth Boyd was born and raised on a farm in the small town of Whitney, Texas. Her unique name is derived from her grandmothers —Thelma and Elizabeth. In middle school, her classmates nicknamed her Theo. It stuck!

Theo grew up writing poems with her daddy, learned faith through hardship from her momma, and finished college late in life to become a high school English and Creative Writing teacher. She was awarded Rookie Teacher of the Year her first year in the classroom while continuing to write as a guest columnist for several local newspapers.

In 2019, a sudden and traumatic loss set the scene for her debut memoir, My Grief Is Not Like Yours. It was also the catalyst for her podcast, Think Theo, where she discusses complicated grief and the many layers of loss.

When she’s not writing, Theo can be found with her dog Manly by her side, walking the fields on the farm, playing the piano, planning her next podcast with a glass of wine, or enjoying an evening out with close friends. She and Manly currently live on the lake in her hometown of Whitney.

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Theo’s love for life encompasses the podcasts and shines through in her writing. I enjoyed both my interview on Theo’s podcast as well as listening to several of her episodes. We all need hope and to smile more. and Theo’s easy and charismatic way of introducing the guest, chatting and bantering with me and her other guests was so refreshing. If you are looking for a meaningful podcast or book to read – THINK THEO!

Allison Ferrier (English Teacher) | Somers, NY

Theo first had a podcast with me as her guest and then did one with both Dale and me. I admit I was nervous, but Theo made me feel like I was having a
conversation with a good friend. I had a blast! Dale and I both enjoyed the podcast we did together. Theo is such a kind and beautiful woman inside and out!
I will be a fan…. and friend forever!

Dale & Chris Hansen | Waxahachie, TX

Theo’s life experiences have shaped her to give others hope during the process of grieving. My time with her on her podcast ThinkTheo helped me to learn how our lives are similar, but yet different in such a way that there is a bond like no other. I am grateful for her gift in helping others understanding that everyone’s grief is not the same, but yet our grief connects us all.

Lea Sullivan (ASL Teacher) | Waxahachie, TX


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